Selasa, 05 April 2011


One day after college, there are two collegers in the Gunadarma University’s garden. They were discussing about the environment in The Jakarta City.

  • Torres          : Hi, Lampard.
  • Lampard   : Oh, hi Torres.
  • Torres          : How are you today?
  • Lampard   : I’m fine, thanks. How about you?
  • Torres          : I’m fine too. Hmm.. Lampard, what do you think about the environment in Jakarta city?
  • Lampard   : Hmm.. I think the environment in Jakarta city is very dirty by garbage, vehicle smoke, factory smoke, and cigarette smoke which can make air pollution.
  • Torres          : Yeah.. It’s true, Lampard. I agree with you. And what is your suggestion for save the Jakarta city from air pollution?
  • Lampard   : Owhh.. I think we must limit the personal cars and moving the factories to the factory’s relocate in out city.
  • Torres          : Hmm.. I think, I’m dissatisfied with your suggestion. Your suggestion is true, but don’t you think your suggestion is very hard for execute and only waste the time, energy, and money.
  • Lampard   : Okay, how about throwing garbage to the trash bin, plants some trees, and reduces the product of cigarette. Do you agree with my suggestion?
  • Torres          : Wow…Your suggestion is really satisfying. Of course, I agree with your suggestion.
  • Lampard   : Thanks. See you again Torres!
  • Torres          : See you!

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