Rabu, 06 April 2011


  • Noun is used as a subject or an object.
  • Noun Clause is used as a subject. In other words, a noun clause is used in the same ways as a noun.
  • Noun Clause is a clause functioning as a Noun. It has it's own subject and verb. 
  • Noun Clause can't stand alone as a sentence. It must be connected to an independent clause, a main clause.
  • Because of it's function as a noun, the noun clause can occupy the following positions:
1.      Subject of a sentence
2.      Object of a transitive verb
3.      Object of a preposition
4.      Complement
5.      Noun in apposition  
  • According to the original sentence types, Noun Clause can be classified into 4 types, namely : 
1.      Statement
2.      Question
3.      Request
4.      Exclamation

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